Rurban Construction & Multipurpose Pvt. Ltd.

Rurban (Rural+Urban) Constructions offer a complete range of construction services adapted to our clients’ specific needs from start to finish. We are experts in project management, construction delivery, cost consultancy, finances and facilities management which succeed within our collaborative and entrepreneurial philosophy. We are continually motivated to find better solutions to complex infrastructure and property challenges.

Founded in 2020 our project management expert team works with experienced estimators, designers, field personnel, and expeditors to provide a comprehensive approach to all parts of construction.

Our suppleness means that we are capable to work devotedly with our clients to appreciate their individual needs, decide what each project requires and offer our services consequently. Our clients value our allegiance to quality, timely deliveries, superior customer service and the experience of engaging in business with a highly qualified and experienced management. Our approach is to work enjoyably and collaboratively with our clients which allows us to offer the best promising solution with each scheme. By leveraging our strengths and capitalizing on developing opportunities, we aspire to consolidate our position in the infrastructure construction and become one of the top Company in Nepal.

Rurban Construction works with passion, commitment and innovation to construct buildings and infrastructures that meet the major challenges facing society worldwide.

“We align ourselves with progressive management attitude, regarding publics as our major capitals and working continuously at preserving the highest possible level of communication and interpersonal relations. Our management team is caring and future oriented and our planning and programming soundly organized yet flexible. Our Company’s commitment to its philosophy guarantees our consistently giving of our best in any project we undertake”.

Rupa Pokharel

Our values

Our Mission

To provide our customers with valued construction solutions using our expertise in the design, manufacture and installation of construction components.

Offer technologically innovative designs and solutions. 

Maximizing returns of stakeholders

Pursue the highest levels of work quality and service excellence in our fields of specialization with optimal use of resources

Our Vision

To be the preferred engineering and construction group providing the highest quality standards and delivering excellence beyond expectation of all our stakeholders.

Our Focus

Our focus is engineering, finance solutions and construction projects.

Our Solutions and Services

Rurban Construction effort at all phases of the project life cycle, design, budgeting, financing, construction and maintenance, and delivers complete solutions and services.

Our Development Teams have experience in delivering high profile, quality projects, safely, sustainably, economically and efficiently, across a range of market sectors. We lead projects from initial feasibility stages, site acquisition and planning, through the construction process to completion and handover. To be honest in all our activities, dealings and to consciously introspect our work and action on day to day basis.

Our expertise across diverse infrastructure domains is evident through the effective implementation of numerous schemes covering:


Improving the living standard

Water Infrastructure

Making better uses of water resources


Making the world more mobile


Fostering access to safer, more sustainable energy


We can secure better future for all

“We provide a very wide ranging spectrum of services”

We do


Marketing assessments, investment/finance opportunities and ownership appraisals.


Site assembly, environmental and geotechnical evaluations.


Extensive experience and knowledge in planning application processing.


Early design integration with our skilled in-house teams


Unique turnkey construction solution adopted ensures our key supply chain partners understand our processes to deliver on time.


In-house civil, structural, architecture, mechanical and electrical engineering is an integral part of our design and development process.


Highly experienced and long-established construction delivery team encompassing designers, project managers and established partnerships with key consultants and contractors.

Property & Development

We research land and existing property opportunities in our market and value whether or not a development project would be feasible and profitable. We identifying an opportunity and then proposing a property development plan.


High quality product on completion ensures smooth transition from delivery to handover with a dedicated aftercare team.


We are committed to achieving zero accidents and incidents and, as part of this commitment, we expect all our employees to take responsibility not only for their own safety, but for any person working on, or coming into contact with our activities. We are aware of the enormous benefits that accrue through fostering a strong ethos that promotes a positive health and safety culture whilst establishing clear expectations, responsibilities and standards.


We continually seek new and better ways to do things by identification and implementation of innovative processes to ensure our Quality Management System provides our clients with a product built specifically to their high standards.

“Successful property investors need to be creative, understand the needs of society, and have a good grasp of business decision making.”

We provide the best construction experience through

Relationships built on integrity.

Sucess built on performance

Commitment to frequent improvement , both individually and  professionally.